Want a website? Want to make loooads of money from it? Want to have millions of people come to it every month?

Good news: it’s EASY to do this

How? Get a great looking website, with great interactive engaging and intersting content and do a proper and thorough job with your SEO and SEM (also make sure you have a business model behind your website – i.e. some way in which you will make money – like selling advertising or sellling merchandise – make sure you research and know that the business model will work and there is a demand for it)

And, that’s it : )

OK: that sounds extremely dumb – let me explain… the reasons behind my saying the above

99.5% of website out there are *rubbish*, they suck, either they don’t look good, don’t have ANY SEO or SEM or don’t have good content – any mixture of these

Fact: MOST people are doing a bad job of having a great website!

Therefore, it’s easy for you to jump in and make money

Just emphasising what the important bits are:

– Gerogeous website – looks great, easy use and navigate, great compelling content – well written text – great pictures – video

– FULL and thorough SEO and SEM done

Maybe all I’m saying is that you just need determination and will to succeed + a little bit of money to pay for your website and SEO and SEM and you’ve got a money machine

Prove it I hear you say? Well heck yes: I will – watch this space – we’re creating a few websites that will simply be GREAT websites – people will flock to + people will come to again and again

Don’t want to give away the project details here – but we’ll post when ready: watch this space