Google Chrome: I love – it’s the best Browser out there – it’s just really really subtle things that make it better than ANYTHING else on the market

Google Chrome: I hate and despise – and can’t use : (

Hmmm: Why I hear you ask

I’m Window freak – I love, I just love… I absolutely love having many many many windows open ALL at the same time

Hey: I can’t be helped – I must be a freak: I must be a multitasker

I have 3 domains for which I use Google Business Applications – see our page on this service from Google for which we give a setup service (for a fee!)

Google Chrome kills my laptop. It kills another laptop. Both these laptops are the fastest laptops in the world. Well, OK, not the fastest on the world – but very fast and highly spec’d – like having really fast processor and loooads of RAM

I have a dinosaur PC – I call it Tyranasaurus Rex- it’s old, really old – but it’s got life, it’s a real battler – it’s a Dell Pentium 4 with 1GB of RAM – heck, this baby will handle ANYTHING (any program) you throw at it – it will run any process and memory hungry program out there – it had a fight with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and won the fight!

But: this PC was killed by Google Chrome – It can’t even load it up – it whimpers and cries and fails to load up

I’ve gone back to Firefox – which was my previous wife – but then I saw this young lass, she was beautiful and fit and had big breast and long legs – her name was Google Chrome – I left my first wife for Ms Chrome – we were happy – but then she got fat – she became a fatty – she gulped and ate ALL my resources – she was hungry – oh boy was she hungry! ALL other processes would stop in order to let her eat!

Now, I’ve seen sense – my first wife took me back with open arms – yes, now I’m back with Firefox

OK: let me give it to you straight:

– Google Chrome is HUNGRY – it stops my machines (that it runs on) – nothing else runs when it runs

– This one is weird: I’ll launch Task Manager – and it will show that there is no single application that is taking up all CPU or other resource

– BUT: kill Chrome and the PC is brought back to life!

– I’ve posted to Google Chrome Forums: no answer

– Am I the only one who wants to love Google Chrome – but hate her because of what she’s done to me?

I don’t care – I just don’t care – my mum once told me there’s plenty of fish in the sea (Opera + Safari)

I don’t want to leave Firefox – but she’s a pain in the butt and lacks many usability features that Chrome gives + she doesn’t cook my dinner or iron my clothes  : (

I’ll try going to the Opera or going on a Safari for my next wife