one of the BEST ways to market your product or service


Great idea

Something people are interested in

Make it funny and or interesting – think to yourself – would you forward your own video to a friend?

Me personally: I think it’s EASY to come up with something that’s viral and people will want to spread!

FACT: 99.9% of people are just sticking up videos on YouTube and they’re not commercialising!

Heck: if that was me, at the end of one of these high ranking videos, I’d AT LEAST have my web address!

(Note: there are some companies that are successfully exploiting YouTube – but they’re paying zillions to get these videos done most of the time – you can do the same and reach the same number of audience with small effort – IMHO)

I’ve given the top 10 YouTube vides below (as of this date today) – number 10 below (the last video) has had more than 80m views! WOW! A marketer’s dream

Anyway, here are the Top 10 YouTube videos of ALL time (as of today date):

This video is soooo funny! It makes you say aaaahh     :)

Question: if that was me doing the crazy dance, I would have made a few millions by now – I’d be selling tshirts and have my own websites and run dancing lessons and go on a wordlwide tour and… erm… well… OK, maybe not all of those things – but some of them definitely!

Erm: I don’t get this one – why why why? OK: the company behind this is probably really expoliting and making loads of bucks

+ I’d say: Mylie Cyrus is sooo cool – I saw her on Jonathan Ross (on BBC) – she had the loudest mouth in the world and wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and say some embarrassing things and make a fool of herself – but heck: she’s doing it, she’s determined – come what may, she’s said to herself she’ll be a damn success – and guess what, she’s done that!

This is just sooo funny! Hands up if your one of the last people in the world to see the video

Aaaah… another sweet video. But what’s the joke – I don’t get the joke, why’s it so funny! OK: maybe I don’t understand baby language!

Erm… Quel age atu…? Commel tape tu? (Or should that be Spanish?) I’ve no idea why this is in the top ten!

Go Pitbull!! Yee haa!! He’s surrounded by some FIT women!! Yee ha!

An 18 year girl old told me what they think about Pitbull: Yuk, he looks old enoughto be my grandad

Susan Boyle: an ispiration to all of us – you CAN make your life a success – she’s an amazing singer

GREAT – if you like that kind of music!

Vanessa Hudgens: hmmm aahhhh how sweet!

That’s al for NOW!