Secret: Macs are suprior to PC’s

Well, when I say PC: I mean a computer with a Microsoft Operating System installed

Apple Mac land is a beautiful land where the grass is greener, where there is no crime – you won’t see a vandal virus anywhere – it’s the utopia you always dreamed of – every one is polite and behave themselves – everyone there is clever and intellectual – just like you an me

Unfortunately, Evil Microsoft rules the world – the whole world

There are some pathetic Linux wannabee’s who think they might pose some threat, but: alas, Microsoft will rule forever and ever

To be part of the Mac clan you have to be special – they don’t JUST take anyone – you have to be rich – you have to pay £400 more for a Mac machine thatn you would do for the same PC equivalent

Pirating software? Yukky POOO! Not in Mac Land: Maccy’s pay for everything and are legit

What do I use? What side am I on? Darn you: I’m with the PC clan!!

Whoooohahahahah…. haaaha whoooo haa (evil laugh)

Guess what though: Macs are the real evil’s!! We’re the good guys – us Microsoft guys!

Erm… well… I don’t actually work for Microsoft – but I’m with them damn it! Do you hear me!

Windows 7 has arrive – hail to Windows 7, give praise to the new OS

Have all the past problems gone? No way, they’re still there – but it’s life – life is dangerous: if you don’t walk with your eyes wide open

Viruses on Mac’s? Hmm… it’s true: no viruses – allegedly – but this is crazy – I refuse to believe this is true

Maybe it’s Apple People who write the viruses for PC’s – you evil no do gooders!

Apple Mac’s – they’re *weird* – they have quarky ways of doing things – a lot of them non intuitive – a lot of them being backwards – complain and the Mac clan jump on you

Confession: I used drugs, stole money and had a Mac when I was young

ONLY joking!!

I never stole money

I tried asking Mac users for help

I asked: why can’t I have a FULL screen?? Why is this pesky top bar ALWAYS there watching me??

I had Mac dogs chasing me on different forums where I had dared to ask!

Mac laptops (the smaller ones): where is the damn delete key? Hello: I said where is the damn DELETE KEY!?

Hello: can anyone hear me?? This is my favourite key I tell you – I use it 10 times a day!

Where is it! the Mac freaks couldn’t console or help me – so I made way back to Windows land – I sold the Apple Mac laptop on eBay

Mac’s: you are evil and unusable – see the light and come to Window’s world run by lord Microsoft