Training: this is the missing key to the success of your website – to the success of any website

Yes: we’ll give you a great website that looks amazing – but what use is it if you don’t know how to drive traffic to the website? What use is it if you can’t keep it clean and tidy and looking beautiful as it originally did? Do you know how to add content? I mean add content properly? Yes: you may have read the manual, but nothing beats preparation

An integral part of our service is to give full training with websites – we’ll teach you to be a mini web master and an SEO/SEM junior Ninja – you’ll have all the weapons to really maximise your website

Edit graphics? So your not a graphics expert? Don’t worry we’ll give you 4 minutes of training and you’ll know everything you need to know about how to add pictures to your website – pictures that are optimised and which load in split seconds

Strategy plan? Yes: we can give this to you. Other web design companies: give you a website and throw you into the jungle called the internet – you’re lost, walking around aimlessly – hey, YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE A PLAN! Call it what you want – a survival plan – a success plan – a master plan to take over the world: you need a map and need to know ahead of time what to do with your website to make it a success! This is were our STRATEGY PLAN will come and help you

Analytics Analytics Analytics – there I’ve said it 3 times! This is sooo important: it’s like having a car and NEVER servicing it – analytics of your website tells you what’s going on with your website – it’s actually a world more than JUST servicing your website. Who’s visiting? Where are they visiting from? What websites are bringing in your traffic? How really successful is your front page? (Would you be alarmed if you found out that 50% of your visitors LEFT your website after JUST visiting the front page?) Do you know which of your web pages are most popular?

We use several measures for the analytics of your website – the most well known being Google Analytics – but we have several others that will give you a DEEP insight into your website

Plan your website? Got a great strategy plan? Guess what: it’s a moving target – you have to change and adapt and evolve – or just die, or come 10th place (same thing)

Any website we give will give quick snapshots on your website – at a glance you’ll be able to see how successful your website really is – it will let you dig further, dig a LOT further and find out secrets you never knew

The end result being: a successful website that really performs for you

Spam anyone? Yum yum – well OK, maybe not – I’m talking about the Spam that is the bane of the world

I think we should have a manhunt and find out who all the spammers are and ship them to a big island and just leave them there – how about Austrailia? (Any Austrailians reading this, please feel free to contact us and leave us your comments)

Our website come as ready made fortresses – Spam won’t have a chance – in fact, the spammers of this world might sue you for not letting them live

Do something innocent like put an email address or put a form on your website – the spammers will devour these and add you to their spamming list

More later about what extra’s we give – more than ‘just’ a website…

Have we whet your appetite? Would you like a website that really performs for you? Please contact us to discuss further