DropBox – have you heard of them?

If not: you must be one of the last to hear – trust me


Here’s how it works:

You have a folder on your PC that you assign to Dropbox

You store loads of stuff in there

All your stuff gets uploaded to the internet (in a secure place)

You have another computer or iPhone or Mac

Do the same there

NOW: your files are alwayss in synch!

This is truly amazing: yes amazing!

Let me explain: you work on a file in the office. Make changes. Do whatever.

You go home. This same file is on your machine at home. You carry on editing it. Make changes. Save it. Do whatever.

Next day, you go into the office and work on the same file – your changes made yesterday and changes made at home are there!

Get it? Don’t worry if you don’t, there’ no hope for you. I mean… I mean… just give it a go… you’ll see how great it is.

Others? Yes, there are some – but as fars as I know, none compare with DropBox

My research:

1. Dropbox is King – I think it’s the best solution out there
The way it works is fantastic (Not sure why it hasn’t been copied by other companies – or have they?? See below for some comparisons)
A little pricy though, IMHO

2. www.adrive.com – awesome! You get 25GB for free
OK: so it’s not DropBox – but I don’t use it like DropBox
I use it to just store files that i know I can access
If you have Java installed, you can drag and drop files – this is *brilliant*, else you have to use the clunky normal interface of choosing one file at a time

3. www.box.net – a contender
Again: doesn’t touch DropBox

4. www.mesh.com
I can’t figure this one out – do they actually give you storage space on the net?
I haven’t tried this out because I couldn’t figure this out    :)

5. www.mozy.com
Haven’t tried, can’t comment
Unlimited stoarge for *personal* use ONLY
$0.50 per GB otherwise + $3.95 every month
I spoke to them onlne: they are a backup service only – and not a synchronisation service like DropBox

6. skydrive.live.com
Brilliant. This is the one I started with. Annoying: you have a limit of 50MB for a file size    : (
As far as I know, this limit is not on Adrive
+ If you use IE, you can just drag and drop (you have to install an ActiveX component though)
I’m using Adrive instead now

7.www.sugarsync.com – looks good, but have not tried
https://www.sugarsync.com/sync_comparison.html – this shows that they compare well with DropBox
But is it the *same* as DropBox?

8. www.foldershare.com
Not used. I don’t think they give you any storage space online – do they?