Our worst enemy is your best friend.

“We don’t need a website, my uncle Bob will do it for me”

“My cousin does website design”

“My friend is an IT professional and is helping me”

Free, free, free!

Lady Gaga says in her last song: I want everything you’ve got, as long as it’s free!

We’ve been running our business for 10 years now: free is bad

Free = unprofessional

I could go into lots more descriptives – but I’ve save my words for another time

Business lost? Let’s say you get a freeee website. The amount of business YOU LOSE – you just don’t know. The amount of business you lost for looking unprofessional, you don’t know. The amount of business your competitors get instead of you for HAVING a great website – again you don’t really know!

Free is bad: I like paying for everything and having someone to shout at if something doesn’t work or is delivered late.

You should be the same. You’re in business!! You’r in it to make money! You don’t make money by saving, you make money by spending – by investing.

Close your eyes and put your faith in us: we’ll give you a website that makes YOU money.