Free is bad: always bad

Our worst enemy is your best friend.

“We don’t need a website, my uncle Bob will do it for me”

“My cousin does website design”

“My friend is an IT professional and is helping me”

Free, free, free!

Lady Gaga says in her last song: I want everything you’ve got, as long as it’s free!

We’ve been running our business for 10 years now: free is bad

Free = unprofessional

I could go into lots more descriptives – but I’ve save my words for another time

Business lost? Let’s say you get a freeee website. The amount of business YOU LOSE – you just don’t know. The amount of business you lost for looking unprofessional, you don’t know. The amount of business your competitors get instead of you for HAVING a great website – again you don’t really know!

Free is bad: I like paying for everything and having someone to shout at if something doesn’t work or is delivered late.

You should be the same. You’re in business!! You’r in it to make money! You don’t make money by saving, you make money by spending – by investing.

Close your eyes and put your faith in us: we’ll give you a website that makes YOU money.

Dropbox – the King of Online Storage

DropBox – have you heard of them?

If not: you must be one of the last to hear – trust me

Here’s how it works:

You have a folder on your PC that you assign to Dropbox

You store loads of stuff in there

All your stuff gets uploaded to the internet (in a secure place)

You have another computer or iPhone or Mac

Do the same there

NOW: your files are alwayss in synch!

This is truly amazing: yes amazing!

Let me explain: you work on a file in the office. Make changes. Do whatever.

You go home. This same file is on your machine at home. You carry on editing it. Make changes. Save it. Do whatever.

Next day, you go into the office and work on the same file – your changes made yesterday and changes made at home are there!

Get it? Don’t worry if you don’t, there’ no hope for you. I mean… I mean… just give it a go… you’ll see how great it is.

Others? Yes, there are some – but as fars as I know, none compare with DropBox

My research:

1. Dropbox is King – I think it’s the best solution out there
The way it works is fantastic (Not sure why it hasn’t been copied by other companies – or have they?? See below for some comparisons)
A little pricy though, IMHO

2. – awesome! You get 25GB for free
OK: so it’s not DropBox – but I don’t use it like DropBox
I use it to just store files that i know I can access
If you have Java installed, you can drag and drop files – this is *brilliant*, else you have to use the clunky normal interface of choosing one file at a time

3. – a contender
Again: doesn’t touch DropBox

I can’t figure this one out – do they actually give you storage space on the net?
I haven’t tried this out because I couldn’t figure this out    :)

Haven’t tried, can’t comment
Unlimited stoarge for *personal* use ONLY
$0.50 per GB otherwise + $3.95 every month
I spoke to them onlne: they are a backup service only – and not a synchronisation service like DropBox

Brilliant. This is the one I started with. Annoying: you have a limit of 50MB for a file size    : (
As far as I know, this limit is not on Adrive
+ If you use IE, you can just drag and drop (you have to install an ActiveX component though)
I’m using Adrive instead now – looks good, but have not tried – this shows that they compare well with DropBox
But is it the *same* as DropBox?

Not used. I don’t think they give you any storage space online – do they?

A Website is Just NOT enough – training is the key to success

Training: this is the missing key to the success of your website – to the success of any website

Yes: we’ll give you a great website that looks amazing – but what use is it if you don’t know how to drive traffic to the website? What use is it if you can’t keep it clean and tidy and looking beautiful as it originally did? Do you know how to add content? I mean add content properly? Yes: you may have read the manual, but nothing beats preparation

An integral part of our service is to give full training with websites – we’ll teach you to be a mini web master and an SEO/SEM junior Ninja – you’ll have all the weapons to really maximise your website

Edit graphics? So your not a graphics expert? Don’t worry we’ll give you 4 minutes of training and you’ll know everything you need to know about how to add pictures to your website – pictures that are optimised and which load in split seconds

Strategy plan? Yes: we can give this to you. Other web design companies: give you a website and throw you into the jungle called the internet – you’re lost, walking around aimlessly – hey, YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE A PLAN! Call it what you want – a survival plan – a success plan – a master plan to take over the world: you need a map and need to know ahead of time what to do with your website to make it a success! This is were our STRATEGY PLAN will come and help you

Analytics Analytics Analytics – there I’ve said it 3 times! This is sooo important: it’s like having a car and NEVER servicing it – analytics of your website tells you what’s going on with your website – it’s actually a world more than JUST servicing your website. Who’s visiting? Where are they visiting from? What websites are bringing in your traffic? How really successful is your front page? (Would you be alarmed if you found out that 50% of your visitors LEFT your website after JUST visiting the front page?) Do you know which of your web pages are most popular?

We use several measures for the analytics of your website – the most well known being Google Analytics – but we have several others that will give you a DEEP insight into your website

Plan your website? Got a great strategy plan? Guess what: it’s a moving target – you have to change and adapt and evolve – or just die, or come 10th place (same thing)

Any website we give will give quick snapshots on your website – at a glance you’ll be able to see how successful your website really is – it will let you dig further, dig a LOT further and find out secrets you never knew

The end result being: a successful website that really performs for you

Spam anyone? Yum yum – well OK, maybe not – I’m talking about the Spam that is the bane of the world

I think we should have a manhunt and find out who all the spammers are and ship them to a big island and just leave them there – how about Austrailia? (Any Austrailians reading this, please feel free to contact us and leave us your comments)

Our website come as ready made fortresses – Spam won’t have a chance – in fact, the spammers of this world might sue you for not letting them live

Do something innocent like put an email address or put a form on your website – the spammers will devour these and add you to their spamming list

More later about what extra’s we give – more than ‘just’ a website…

Have we whet your appetite? Would you like a website that really performs for you? Please contact us to discuss further

Macs are EVIL – PC’s are King – Windows XP is Dead, Long Live Windows 7

Secret: Macs are suprior to PC’s

Well, when I say PC: I mean a computer with a Microsoft Operating System installed

Apple Mac land is a beautiful land where the grass is greener, where there is no crime – you won’t see a vandal virus anywhere – it’s the utopia you always dreamed of – every one is polite and behave themselves – everyone there is clever and intellectual – just like you an me

Unfortunately, Evil Microsoft rules the world – the whole world

There are some pathetic Linux wannabee’s who think they might pose some threat, but: alas, Microsoft will rule forever and ever

To be part of the Mac clan you have to be special – they don’t JUST take anyone – you have to be rich – you have to pay £400 more for a Mac machine thatn you would do for the same PC equivalent

Pirating software? Yukky POOO! Not in Mac Land: Maccy’s pay for everything and are legit

What do I use? What side am I on? Darn you: I’m with the PC clan!!

Whoooohahahahah…. haaaha whoooo haa (evil laugh)

Guess what though: Macs are the real evil’s!! We’re the good guys – us Microsoft guys!

Erm… well… I don’t actually work for Microsoft – but I’m with them damn it! Do you hear me!

Windows 7 has arrive – hail to Windows 7, give praise to the new OS

Have all the past problems gone? No way, they’re still there – but it’s life – life is dangerous: if you don’t walk with your eyes wide open

Viruses on Mac’s? Hmm… it’s true: no viruses – allegedly – but this is crazy – I refuse to believe this is true

Maybe it’s Apple People who write the viruses for PC’s – you evil no do gooders!

Apple Mac’s – they’re *weird* – they have quarky ways of doing things – a lot of them non intuitive – a lot of them being backwards – complain and the Mac clan jump on you

Confession: I used drugs, stole money and had a Mac when I was young

ONLY joking!!

I never stole money

I tried asking Mac users for help

I asked: why can’t I have a FULL screen?? Why is this pesky top bar ALWAYS there watching me??

I had Mac dogs chasing me on different forums where I had dared to ask!

Mac laptops (the smaller ones): where is the damn delete key? Hello: I said where is the damn DELETE KEY!?

Hello: can anyone hear me?? This is my favourite key I tell you – I use it 10 times a day!

Where is it! the Mac freaks couldn’t console or help me – so I made way back to Windows land – I sold the Apple Mac laptop on eBay

Mac’s: you are evil and unusable – see the light and come to Window’s world run by lord Microsoft

Fit Women Taking Over YouTube and Making Lots of Money

Hmm… for research purposes ONLY, I was on a mission to find YouTube videos that had loooods of views

I’ve discovered a phenominum (did I spell that right?)

Fit Women Taking Over YouTube and Making Lots of Money

There’s quite a few: nothing up loooads of veiws (and taking advantage somehow and making money)

Here’s one:

I’ll add more as I do more research Top 10 Video’s of ALL TIME one of the BEST ways to market your product or service


Great idea

Something people are interested in

Make it funny and or interesting – think to yourself – would you forward your own video to a friend?

Me personally: I think it’s EASY to come up with something that’s viral and people will want to spread!

FACT: 99.9% of people are just sticking up videos on YouTube and they’re not commercialising!

Heck: if that was me, at the end of one of these high ranking videos, I’d AT LEAST have my web address!

(Note: there are some companies that are successfully exploiting YouTube – but they’re paying zillions to get these videos done most of the time – you can do the same and reach the same number of audience with small effort – IMHO)

I’ve given the top 10 YouTube vides below (as of this date today) – number 10 below (the last video) has had more than 80m views! WOW! A marketer’s dream

Anyway, here are the Top 10 YouTube videos of ALL time (as of today date):

This video is soooo funny! It makes you say aaaahh     :)

Question: if that was me doing the crazy dance, I would have made a few millions by now – I’d be selling tshirts and have my own websites and run dancing lessons and go on a wordlwide tour and… erm… well… OK, maybe not all of those things – but some of them definitely!

Erm: I don’t get this one – why why why? OK: the company behind this is probably really expoliting and making loads of bucks

+ I’d say: Mylie Cyrus is sooo cool – I saw her on Jonathan Ross (on BBC) – she had the loudest mouth in the world and wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and say some embarrassing things and make a fool of herself – but heck: she’s doing it, she’s determined – come what may, she’s said to herself she’ll be a damn success – and guess what, she’s done that!

This is just sooo funny! Hands up if your one of the last people in the world to see the video

Aaaah… another sweet video. But what’s the joke – I don’t get the joke, why’s it so funny! OK: maybe I don’t understand baby language!

Erm… Quel age atu…? Commel tape tu? (Or should that be Spanish?) I’ve no idea why this is in the top ten!

Go Pitbull!! Yee haa!! He’s surrounded by some FIT women!! Yee ha!

An 18 year girl old told me what they think about Pitbull: Yuk, he looks old enoughto be my grandad

Susan Boyle: an ispiration to all of us – you CAN make your life a success – she’s an amazing singer

GREAT – if you like that kind of music!

Vanessa Hudgens: hmmm aahhhh how sweet!

That’s al for NOW!

Why I Hate Google Chrome

Google Chrome: I love – it’s the best Browser out there – it’s just really really subtle things that make it better than ANYTHING else on the market

Google Chrome: I hate and despise – and can’t use : (

Hmmm: Why I hear you ask

I’m Window freak – I love, I just love… I absolutely love having many many many windows open ALL at the same time

Hey: I can’t be helped – I must be a freak: I must be a multitasker

I have 3 domains for which I use Google Business Applications – see our page on this service from Google for which we give a setup service (for a fee!)

Google Chrome kills my laptop. It kills another laptop. Both these laptops are the fastest laptops in the world. Well, OK, not the fastest on the world – but very fast and highly spec’d – like having really fast processor and loooads of RAM

I have a dinosaur PC – I call it Tyranasaurus Rex- it’s old, really old – but it’s got life, it’s a real battler – it’s a Dell Pentium 4 with 1GB of RAM – heck, this baby will handle ANYTHING (any program) you throw at it – it will run any process and memory hungry program out there – it had a fight with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and won the fight!

But: this PC was killed by Google Chrome – It can’t even load it up – it whimpers and cries and fails to load up

I’ve gone back to Firefox – which was my previous wife – but then I saw this young lass, she was beautiful and fit and had big breast and long legs – her name was Google Chrome – I left my first wife for Ms Chrome – we were happy – but then she got fat – she became a fatty – she gulped and ate ALL my resources – she was hungry – oh boy was she hungry! ALL other processes would stop in order to let her eat!

Now, I’ve seen sense – my first wife took me back with open arms – yes, now I’m back with Firefox

OK: let me give it to you straight:

– Google Chrome is HUNGRY – it stops my machines (that it runs on) – nothing else runs when it runs

– This one is weird: I’ll launch Task Manager – and it will show that there is no single application that is taking up all CPU or other resource

– BUT: kill Chrome and the PC is brought back to life!

– I’ve posted to Google Chrome Forums: no answer

– Am I the only one who wants to love Google Chrome – but hate her because of what she’s done to me?

I don’t care – I just don’t care – my mum once told me there’s plenty of fish in the sea (Opera + Safari)

I don’t want to leave Firefox – but she’s a pain in the butt and lacks many usability features that Chrome gives + she doesn’t cook my dinner or iron my clothes  : (

I’ll try going to the Opera or going on a Safari for my next wife

Website Design – East London’s BEST!

We pride ourselves of our knowledge of website design – we’re the best East London has to offer – heck, we’re the best London has to offer

We’ll be contstantly writing articles about the latest technologies – it helps us keep our knwoledge to high standards writing about the latest technologies – or write about other i mportant issue you neeed to be concerned with for your website

We aim to make our website a small resource for advice and help – all give for free on the website

Biggest and best: that’s how we describe ourselves.

East London – a great place to live and work

I’ve grown up all my life in East London: it’s a brilliant place to live and work

There’s sooo much happening + it’s a vibrant place with lot of interesting people!

We’re based in the Docklands – neighbours to the Excel Centre, near City Airport – just 3 minutes up the road, a few minutes away from Canary Wharf, 12 minutes from Bank Station – opposite the O2 (only the River Thames separates us!), less than 5 minutes away from Stratford City, 90 seconds away from the Thames Barrier – OK, you get the point, we think we’re in a good location!

We’ll be writing lots about our area soon – no, not ‘web related’ stuff – anything that’s interesting – we’ll tell you and keep you entertained if you come to see our website

Why it’s EASY to have a successful website

Want a website? Want to make loooads of money from it? Want to have millions of people come to it every month?

Good news: it’s EASY to do this

How? Get a great looking website, with great interactive engaging and intersting content and do a proper and thorough job with your SEO and SEM (also make sure you have a business model behind your website – i.e. some way in which you will make money – like selling advertising or sellling merchandise – make sure you research and know that the business model will work and there is a demand for it)

And, that’s it : )

OK: that sounds extremely dumb – let me explain… the reasons behind my saying the above

99.5% of website out there are *rubbish*, they suck, either they don’t look good, don’t have ANY SEO or SEM or don’t have good content – any mixture of these

Fact: MOST people are doing a bad job of having a great website!

Therefore, it’s easy for you to jump in and make money

Just emphasising what the important bits are:

– Gerogeous website – looks great, easy use and navigate, great compelling content – well written text – great pictures – video

– FULL and thorough SEO and SEM done

Maybe all I’m saying is that you just need determination and will to succeed + a little bit of money to pay for your website and SEO and SEM and you’ve got a money machine

Prove it I hear you say? Well heck yes: I will – watch this space – we’re creating a few websites that will simply be GREAT websites – people will flock to + people will come to again and again

Don’t want to give away the project details here – but we’ll post when ready: watch this space

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