We’ve discovered the world of CCTV

It’s REALLY cheap, not as expensive as you might think + gives you peace of mind

Imagine being able to monitor your proerty or office from ANYWHERE (where you have an internet connection)

Imagine being able to see your office or home from you mobile phone – yes, you can see live coverage!

If there’s a disturbance, then the video start recording – and almost INSTANTLY the same video is sent to you via email

OK, think about that: you get to know INSTANTLTY + you get footage of the culprit – so even if they take your CCTV hardware somehow, you have footage of the crime in a location that they just can’t reach

We charge for supply of hardware and software and very basic installation

If you require extensive installation – like extra long cabling and installation of the cables, then this will cost extra

We’ll give a full list of prices shortly, for the moment, we can offer the following prices:

Basic hardware and software installation of simple CCTV system with intelligent motion detection software – you get emailed video and picture instantly when you have an intruder


Standalone system – this does not require for you to have a PC or Mac always on for recording CCTV. This comes with a dedicated recording system that can be conveniently hidden away. The basic version of the system only includes supply of software and hardware – you have to install yourself. More advanced versions include full installation service.

£150 – £400 – depending on exact specification

Advanced CCTV system – have full control of your CCTV system WHEREVER you are! You can view live footage from a mobile phone device (that has broadband connection and can view videos online – like an iPhone for example)

£200 – £500

Note: for all of the above, we ONLY give basic installation services. For software, we cannot guarantee that some functions will work. For example, some of the hardware supplied may also come with a sound recorder – if your sound card does not work, then we cannot be held responsible! Or for example, if your system is old and has viruses – we can’t be held responsible for successfully installing the software! Or, you may not have admin rights to install software on your machine!

Unless stated otherwise, we will give full video instructions on how to install. If we have to travel to your premises and install, then we have a call out charge of £70 within London. If elsewhere, we’ll get a partner service provider to give full service required.

If you require extra cabling and fitting onto walls, then this can be done – but will be charged at £70 per hours labour, with a minimum of one hour being charged.

We’ll add more information here later – in the meantime, please feel free to contact us