We charge £200 to setup Google Business Applications for your domain

Put your hands up who ever has heard of Google Business Applications?

(AKA Google Apps)

Only a small minority will have put their hands up

Let me tell you what it is: it’s the BEST thing EVER – better than slied bread – probably not as good as a chappati – but still damn good nonetheless!

Erm… OK… so I didn’t tell you what it is: it’s email for your domain – all email for your domain is taken control of by Google – and they handle it

Outlook LOVERS: damn you I say!! Guess what – you can keep your luv affair with Outlook AND still use Google applications

Yee ha: how good is that?

Any Entourage freeks? Guess what: you can stay where you are!

And keep on using it!

Imagine this – you receive an email in Outlook – or some other mail program

You travel 5 million miles

AND suddenly: you need that damn email

RULES OF LIFE: emails downloaded to your Outlook email box can ONLY be recovered AND read from the PC where you downloaded it

This sucks – it completely sucks

Enter Superman, I mean Google Applications – that same email will be available in your email system!

Guess what: it’s free! Yes, I said it: it’s free – HELLO – did you hear me – it’s free!

But: there’s a catch – you have to be a super nerd web techy geek to know how to install it – ya, life sucks sometimes

AND, also guess what: Google even give you the instructions on how to install – but you STILL need to be a super nerd geek to know how to install!

Luckily: we’ve got such a nerd web tech geek in our team – who can setup Google Applications for you

Call us, get in touch – write us a letter, send smoke messages, a message ina  bottle – write an email – or better still come and see us in person and we’ll talk and tell you why you need Google Business Applications