OK: so we build you a website

OK: so we can get you some traffic

What next? What happens next month – and the month after – 6 months down the road?

A website is not for Christmas – it’s for life

We know many websites that have been delivered by other website agencies – where the client has just left their website, just dwindling there – doing nothing – sitting on its backside getting bored and old and unused – and unloved

There should be a charity setup: Stop Cruelty Against Websites

2 things are needed: both are equally important and vital to the life of the website – to the life of the business

1. Training – we’ll train you how to use your website and all the tools

2. We’ll develop a strategy document – something that will be a guide on how to continuously use your website, keep it upto date and interesting – this strategy document MUST be religiously followed to guarantee success

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